Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Paying Patron Perspective is about the opinion of somebody on arts. It is a critique from a critic who actually used or thought of using his own money to witness a performance or acquire a piece of work.

Paying Patron Perspective is also about the opinion of a “regular” person. This “regular” person is an outsider looking in and is not working for any art organization. This “regular” person is an office worker (in a publicly-listed fast moving consumer goods company) who saves up money to buy tickets, CD’s, DVD’s and artworks.

So why is the fact that I am “paying” is important? Or why being a “regular” person is important? Well, it is not. I am not saying that my opinion is important, but instead my opinions or perspectives are and will be different. It will be different from those critics who were given free tickets to watch performances or critics who make a living writing about it.

So this is it… the start of PAYING PATRON PERSPECTIVE… Oh, by the way, I would highly recommend that you also read ABOUT SATOSHI so that you know where I am coming from!



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