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I grew up in a children's choir (singing soprano 1) until I became taller than the choir director. I then joined my school's high school choir and later on joined a community youth choir (singing bass 2).

When the community youth choir's choreographer was fired, I was given the chance to choreograph. Knowing how choir voices are arranged and how to maximize vocal production, choir choreography became my forte.

During one of the rehearsals, an art patron spotted me and kindly offered me scholarships for private voice lessons and to one of the country’s foremost ballet school. This, I accepted graciously because they are things that I wanted yet my family can’t provide. My family was not exactly poor, but ever since my father died when I was 12, the family was only able to focus on providing the “basics”.

While I enjoyed my time performing on stage and on TV as a singer, actor and dancer, it is the creative process of choreography, directing and later on songwriting that really appealed to me. As an artist, I was successful enough to support myself through the country’s top university. It also afforded me to have a car with a chauffeur to help me make it to all my engagements! During my time as an artist, I was able to produce and direct critically acclaimed shows in some of the country’s top performing art venues. I also released 3 albums of my compositions and was also featured as one of the country’s most successful youth in a TV special.

Upon graduating university with a degree in communications and arts, pressure to find “real work” started to mount. You see, I come from a very traditional immigrant family in which being an “artist” was deemed “impractical”. In 1994, I joined one of the country’s top conglomerates as a research analyst. How I got the job and why the company hired me is still a mystery. I have a feeling that I was an “experiment”! In fact, one of my colleagues confessed that she and all the other colleagues laid bets that I will not last in the company. They were so wrong.

Being a research analyst made me miss some of my creative outlets though. After all, how much creativity is needed in analyzing stochastic shares or designing sampling frame? This was when I started to study oil painting and pottery. I did not totally disengage myself from performing arts though. Instead, I became a keen and sympathetic audience admiring good performances and spurning poor performances.

In 1996, I accepted a new job from the same company and moved to Hong Kong.
I enjoy going to musicals and operas. I try to pay pilgrimage to Broadway and West End at least once a year. I am also an art collector focusing on Asian oil/acrylic paintings and sculptures. I am a year-round subscriber to the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Art Asia Pacific, Asian Art News, World Sculpture News, Gramophone and BBC Music. I am also a big fan of the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Art HK, Macau International Music Festival and METLive in Hong Kong.



At May 18, 2010 at 8:13 AM , Blogger Simon said...

hi would like to ask you a few questions about music

At May 18, 2010 at 8:58 PM , Blogger SATOSHI said...

Hi! Sure. If I don't have the answer, I will try to help you find it :-)


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