Monday, March 8, 2010

REVIEW: Rebuilding Haiti by Osage Art Foundation

First of all, I have to remember that I went to Rebuilding Haiti on March 6 for a good cause. Now, as for the program, it started (I believe) with EXTREME LAND, composition of Ng King-Pan, which I really didn't notice since I thought that the musicians were still having a technical rehearsal. The music itself though, did sound like as if the musicians were testing and tuning their instruments! Without proper introduction, it was fairly easy to miss it.

The rest of the music were a lot better. The Arvo Part and Schubert pieces were for me the highlights. However, the solo frame drum and overtone singing by John Lee were of utmost source of curiosity. Mr. Lee produced unearthly earthly sounds by using regular objects as percussion instruments and manipulating the sound through amplification dynamics.

I left not long after the Peter Scherr and Friends jazz trio played some of their own composition. There were still a lot of things to follow, but I was not interested. Instead, I went one floor below to see the exhibition in Osage entitled BIOGRAPHY.

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