Monday, May 24, 2010


If there is one visual art event that anybody who have any slight interest in art should go to in Hong Kong, it has to be the ARTHK10.

I have attended the inaugural exhibition in 2008 and was fairly impressed. However, the 2009 exhibition was way beyond my expectation. While there were a significant amount of exhibitors showing works from the same artists again, they were actually a welcome sight for me as it was almost like seeing an old friend... it sounds a bit cheesy I know, but that is the reality as they were not "popular" enough to appear in auctions very often, yet they are not inexpensive enough for me to acquire them.

Two artists come to my mind that I would love to see again in ARTHK10; they are: Konstantin Bessmertny (represented by Amelia Johnson Contemporary) and Hyon Gyon (represented by magical, ARTROOM).

Konstantin Bessmertny, "In Rooms I. Fisrt of All: no Sports", Oil on Canvas; 40 x 60 cms, courtesy of Amelia Johnson Contemporary

Hyon Gyon,“Ki Do Ai Raku”, acrylic on canvas, 2270×1820 mm, courtesy of magical, ARTROOM

There's also a few Hong Kong's very own making their first appearance in the ARTHK. One that I can remember is Chi-Fai Cheng (represented by Grotto Fine Art).

Chi-Fai Cheng, "Mong Kok Sunlight", oil on canvas, 62x62cm, courtesy of Grotto Fine Art

Of course there will be a lot of works from famous and familiar artists from within the region and all over the world; but they are what I call "for your eyes only"... well, at least, for my eyes only. It will be very nice to see them, but what I really looking forward to are the up and coming artists.

Learn more about ARTHK10:

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