Thursday, May 27, 2010

REVIEW: BC Unplugged featuring Savannah Betts

For a bottle of beer, I was able to witness something rather special.

I was referring to the BC Unplugged at The Wanch (G/f, 54 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai) featuring Savannah Betts. The night was very different from my evenings spent in concert halls. Last night at The Wanch, the BC Unplugged were showcasing young artists rendering their own songs. One artist that stood out was Savannah Betts, a German-South African solo artist, born and raised in Hong Kong.

Equipped with a guitar, Savannah delivered songs that were eloquent and sincere, unpretentious and simple. While her nervousness may have hindered her singing a bit, it was pretty much part of her charm. In some ways, all the little mistakes somehow just made the story in her songs gained a different level of clarity and truth.

Some of my personal favorites in the 30minute-set was her little anthem called "Tennessee" that talked about boys and their stupidity when it came to relationships; and "Home", a song about her life in Hong Kong. On the other hand, "One, Two, Three" became the obvious crowd's favorite as they demand it to be sung again as an encore.

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