Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SATOSHI: Beethoven Interrupted

Satoshi's battle with concert schedule continues. Life is good. This weekend is the birthday of Satoshi's mother and also a long weekend (Friday the 21st of May is the Buddha's Birthday) in Hong Kong. Fabulous! To make the most of the long weekend though, it means that Satoshi should leave Hong Kong on Thursday night to enjoy the long weekend with his family back in his home country. One small problem, Satoshi's ticket for the last installment of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra's Beethoven Trilogy is on Thursday.

No problem, Satoshi thought. He tried changing his ticket to Wednesday night instead, but it was sold out according to the HKPO office when they checked with Urbtix. Satoshi checked the Urbtix again and again and finally found a ticket. So instead of changing his ticket and going through the hassle coordinating with the HKPO office, he simply bought a new (more expensive) ticket and returned his Thursday night ticket for a 50% refund. This is where the story should have ended... but of course not.

Satoshi had just been to China yesterday and found out that he needs to go back to China AGAIN today! (Yes, Satoshi does work, just in case you are thinking that he just seat around waiting for the next show!) There goes his Beethoven concert... and that means that he will come back to Hong Kong on Thursday afternoon, rush back home, pack and rush to the airport. Oh well, that is life... win some, lose some...

Happy Birthday MAMA!



At May 19, 2010 at 11:40 AM , Blogger SATOSHI said...

A lot of things change after some sleep. Satoshi just found out that he doesn't need to go to China after all... so far...


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