Monday, May 24, 2010

SATOSHI on Collecting Artworks

Yesterday, I came to a crossroad. I brought back a rolled-up painting from my recent travel and realized that I do not have a space for it.

Considering that a lot of my paintings were on top of each other, this particular painting presented a different problem as it measures 6 x 4 feet and it is a mixed media painting with applique. My usual solution to a large painting was to keep it rolled up, but because of the applique on this painting, I do have to stretch it as soon as possible to avoid the applique warping. How I actually solve this problem is another issue, but what really strike me was, "how do I get to this point?"

I would consider myself a very unlikely art collector since I didn't come from a family of art collectors and I don't consider myself rich. After all, I am just a mere middle manager of a company. As I ask myself this question, I bumped into these videos. It is the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel. He is a postal clerk and she is a librarian, they had limited means yet was able to accumulate a phenomenal collection of new arts (minimal and conceptual art). It was so phenomenal, that a movie was made about them.
This one shows the Vogels talking about the movie:

And this shows what other people think about the Vogels.

So... going back to my question, "how do I get to this point?" This point where I need to get an apartment to store my collection or this point where I started lending out artworks to close friends to save on storage space. Well, I don't know how, all I know is that though I may not be rich, I am enriched by the beauty of these artworks; and I am enriched by the knowledge that I am supporting and ecouraging artists in my own little way.

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