Friday, June 18, 2010

SATOSHI on his friend Mr. Juan Lanuza

I am very lucky to have friends who share my love for arts. Mr. Juan Lanuza, critic for the BusinessWorld, is rather the most unusual in the best sense of the word. In a lot of ways, I sought him out after a mutual friend of ours found out that I went to New York and watched 7 shows in 5 days and told me that I ought to get in touch with Mr. Lanuza. True enough, he is a worthy competitor, if not the winner!

During the 2010 Hong Kong Arts Festival, Mr. Lanuza was in town to cover some performances, but got very sick. Therefore, it was a huge honor for me when he asked me whether it will be alright for him to use my review. I have to admit that Mr. Lanuza is my biggest inspiration why I started my blog.

Below is the link to his page. ENJOY!

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