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SATOSHI on 24th Macao International Music Festival (2011)

I got the news from Macao that the programme for the 24th Macao International Music Festival is finally out and so far, it looks like that it will be a good year! I have always like the Macao International Music Festival, at least from a Hong Kong perspective, it adds color to my cultural calendar significantly.

This year's opera will be Verdi's Il Trovatore by Opera Australia. I saw this production by Elke Neidhardt back in 2007 in Melbourne. For some reason, I can't remember what it looked and sounded like (except that I clearly remember that tenor Dennis O'Neill sounded beautiful but looked out-of-place) until I revisited the souvenir programme. This could be because of my age or probably because the other productions (Dvorak's Rusalka and Rossini's Barber of Seville) I saw during that same week were far more memorable.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Macao is having Il Trovatore. In fact, this is the very same opera I saw the first time I attended the Macao International Music Festival way back in 1997 or 1998 when they still used to do it in a gymnasium called Forum. That performance was very memorable because it featured the famous Russian mezzo/contralto Elena Obraztsova.

For the first time (at least in my past 12 to 13 years of going to the festival), the festival will be featuring two operas (unless you count Puccini's Il Trittico in 2008 as 3 operas... but you know what I mean...). This year, it will also feature Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. What is so special about this is that it will be performed not in the Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium, but instead in the Dom Pedro V Theatre. I have never been to the Dom Pedro V Theatre but have heard a lot of good things about it and I believe that mounting Dido and Aeneas there will be just perfect.

Aside from the two operas mentioned above, there will also be a lot of other programmes that look quite promising. Unfortunately, most of them are scheduled during the weekday and it will just too ambitious and tiring to zip all the way to Macao and come back in the same evening so as not to miss work the following day. Having said that, please check out the complete programme by clicking the below link.

The one thing that I find most disappointing though with this year's programme is the lack of a musical. I still remember seeing West Wide Story (2005), Guys and Doll (2006) and Grease (2007), then suddenly in 2008 onward, there was none! WHY! Warren Mok, please bring back the musicals! Oh also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you for consistently coming up with such a good line-up of programmes for the festival.


  • GÜRZENICH-ORCHESTRA COLOGNE(Germany) 03/10/2010 ~ 03/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium
  • PIANO RECITAL BY YUNDI LI 04/10/2010 ~ 04/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium
  • HENSCHEL QUARTET (Germany) 05/10/2010 ~ 05/10/2010 Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • DIE SINGPHONIKER (Germany) 07/10/2010 ~ 07/10/2010 Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • THE BERGEN WOODWIND QUINTET (Norway) 08/10/2010 ~ 08/10/2010 Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • ROMANTIC - THE MACAO ORCHESTRA AND JIAN WANG 09/10/2010 ~ 09/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium
  • O GLORIOSA DOMINA 10/10/2010 ~ 10/10/2010 St. Dominic's Church
  • DIDO AND AENEAS 15/10/2010 ~ 16/10/201017/10/2010 ~ 17/10/2010 Dom Pedro V TheatreDom Pedro V Theatre
  • THE PURPLE HAIRPIN / THE MOON PAVILION 16/10/2010 ~ 17/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium
  • INNER MONGOLIA YOUTH CHOIR (Mainland China) 22/10/2010 ~ 22/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre - Small Auditorium
  • THE MACAO CHINESE ORCHESTRA 23/10/2010 ~ 23/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium
  • MUNICH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA (Germany) 24/10/2010 ~ 24/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre - Small Auditorium
  • YING QUARTET (USA) 25/10/2010 ~ 25/10/2010 Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • CELLO PROJECT 26/10/2010 ~ 26/10/2010 Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET (USA) 27/10/2010 ~ 27/10/2010 Macao Cultural Centre - Small Auditorium
  • SLOVAK NATIONAL THEATRE CHORUS(Slovakia) 28/10/2010 ~ 28/10/2010 St. Dominic's Church
  • JAZZ ORCHESTRA OF THE CONCERTGEBOUW (The Netherlands) 29/10/2010 ~ 29/10/2010 Mount Fortress
  • DBR & THE MISSION (USA) 30/10/2010 ~ 30/10/2010 Nam Van Lake
  • SOLER AND OMNIART ENSEMBLE (Macao / Italy) 31/10/2010 ~ 31/10/2010 Mount Fortress
  • BLASTED MECHANISM(Portugal) 01/11/2010 ~ 01/11/2010 Nam Van Lake
  • SINE NOMINE STRING QUARTET AND OLIVER TRIENDL (Switzerland / Germany) 02/11/2010 ~ 02/11/2010 Dom Pedro V Theatre
  • OPERA AUSTRALIA (Australia) IL TROVATORE 05/11/2010 ~ 07/11/2010 Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium

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