Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SATOSHI on the 39th Hong Kong Arts Festival (2011) - Order Sent

There was just so many programs that I would really like to see. Next year's Hong Kong Arts Festival will be an excellent year... unless Cecilia Bartoli back out or get sick!

Finally, I have faxed my order in. I literally waited past midnight in the office of October 5 so that I can hopefully be in front of the cue! The ridiculous thing about the festival's booking system is that they will not accept emails. They are willing to accept fax and mail, but not email. Of course, if being in front of the cue is important, both of these methods are just not easy to use. How many people actually use fax these days? Or has a fax at home? Not to mention that it is not eco-friendly! Using the post is also not a solution obviously. When I called in to check whether I can scan my order form and email it to them, the response was the typical government employee attitude... NO... when asked why... the response was "we don't have that service and if we provide it now, it will not be right!" Separately, they did suggest online, which I have never tried and can't be bothered to because years ago, it was a disaster. Beside, I have checked it the day before and the form was not there. With the amount of tickets I am getting, I really don't see myself trying to figure out the booking system and doing it show by show, choice by choice...

Anyway, so here are the shows I have booked for me and my friends in the order of importance (to me):
  • Cecilia Bartoli - I can't over-emphasize the significance of this event. The tickets are expensive but I am going to the two nights that she will be performing. I flew to Paris one time to see her do a Salieri concert, but she cancelled. I only found out about it when I went to the box-office to retrieve my ticket. I remember needing to seat down because of my huge disappointment. She is the ultimate mezzo-soprano for me.

  • Leipzig Opera: Tristan und Isolde - This must be Wagner's best opera, but then, the gem of this performance will be American Wagnerian soprano Jennifer Wilson as Isolde. She is one of the top Wagnerian soprano today with unbelievable vocal heft and stamina.

  • Masaaki Suzuki and Bach Collegium Japan - Bach music at its finest. Suzuki and his ensemble is one of the best in the world in performing Bach. Oh, the famous countertenor Robin Blaze will also be performing.

  • Berliner Ensemble: The Threepenny Opera - This musical by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht and composer Kurt Weill is a gem and I have never seen a good production of it yet... hopefully, this will be a good one.

  • Angelika Kirchschlager with the Basel Chamber Orchestra - I am not exactly a big fan of the world-famous mezzo-soprano, Angelika Kirchschlager. But then, I have never heard her performed live... so this is my chance.

  • Riccardo Chailly and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra - This could have been higher in my list if the repertoire was a bit more interesting. Beside, I will be hearing the orchestra already in Tristan und Isolde.

  • New York City Ballet - Despite going to New York regularly, I have never seen this world-famous company before. I am doing the programme 1.

  • Cheek by Jowl: Macbeth - Hmmm... the introduction in the programme was very intriguing... so why not?

  • Birmingham Royal Ballet: Hobson's Choice - Again, it would be interesting to see how this story get translated into a ballet... I just hope that there will not be a lot of miming.

  • Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch: Carnation - Well, this is my own little tribute to Pina Bausch. Her choreography is not exactly one of my favorites but she did explored and expand the dance idiom and I have a lot of respect for that.

  • Halle Orchestra - Mark Elder, Ades and Elgar... they are the reasons

So 12 all in all, that is where I will bet my money. There are other shows that I will consider, but not for advance booking, such as: Bang on a Can - All Star, MOMIX Dance Theatre, Ute Lemper and the Piazzolla Sextet and Belarus Free Theatre.

How about you? I would love to hear what you have booked.

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At October 13, 2010 at 2:55 PM , Anonymous HT said...

Hi PPP, not going to the harpsichord recital?!

At October 13, 2010 at 3:15 PM , Blogger SATOSHI said...

You mean Masaaki Suzuki's recital? Hmmm... I am sure Mr. Suzuki is a great player... hmmm... maybe it is the idea of harpsichord... I am just not very excited about... good point HT, I should consider it :-)


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