Friday, January 28, 2011

REVIEW: Salad Days (London)

Riverside Studios, Thursday January 27

Totally by chance, I saw Salad Days advertised in one of the websites. Funny enough, this musical didn't even appear in any of the major London theatre websites. This production of Salad Days is a little gem. With limited set and props, this Tete A Tete production directed by Bill Bankes-Jones excelled through the pure talent of its cast. It was simple yet wonderfully entertaining.

Salad Days, by Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds premiered in 1954 (no wonder the average age of the audience was about 65!). It possesses a rather silly story about two new graduates planning their future and for some reason, a magic mobile piano and flying saucer got involved.

Playing the new graduates were Sam Harrison and Ellie Robertson. Harrison was an absolute pleasure to watch, he is a total performer who can sing, dance and act very well. Robertson, on the other hand, replaced the unavailable Katie Moore. While Robertson's performance was good, I can't help but notice that she was rough around the edges... some notes were just not quite right. I particularly like the performances of Mark Inscoe and Tony Timberlake for the various roles they played in the musical, making each role quite distinct and well thought out.


Salad Days
by Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds

Creative Team:
Director: Bill Bankes-Jones
Music Director: Anthony Ingle
Designer: Tim Meacock
Lighting: Mark Doubleday
Choreography: Quinny Sacks

PC Boot - Andrew Ahern
Troppo - Lee Boggess
Lady Raeburn - Rebecca Caine
Rowena - Charlie Cameron
Timothy - Sam Harrison
Tramp - Matthew Hawksworth
Uncle Zed - Mark Inscoe
Asphynxia - Kathryn Martin
Jane - Ellie Robertson
Nigel - Spencer O’Brien
Fiona - Tanya Stephens
Inspector - Tony Timberlake

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