Thursday, February 3, 2011

REVIEW: The Invisible Man (London)

Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre (London), Friday January 28

I considered seeing this play mainly because it was in the Menier (known for its track-record of producing west-end and broadway worthy productions) and one of the cast member was Maria Friedman (a well-known west-end musical theatre actor).

John Gordon Sinclair, Maria Friedman, Natalie Casey
The play by Ken Hill is based on H.G. Wells' classic tale of a man arriving in a village wrapped in bandages. The play was retold in a music hall spectacular manner, where actors acted as if they came right out of a Marx Brothers movie. In general, it was a silly little play, with silly jokes (reminds me of knock knock jokes) and silly special effects. Friedman was ample, but how I wish saw her in a more meaty singing role. One actor worth mentioning though is Natalie Casey. She was absolutely a pleasure to watch, she was constantly at it... being funny without trying too hard.
Michael Beckley
With Christmas already a month past, this almost-pantomime seemed a bit out of place. However, if you are on vacation and in for a good variety of theatre performances, The Invisible Man can actually be quite enjoyable.


The Invisible Man
13th November 2010 - 13th February 2011

Creative Team:

Directed by Ian Talbot
Illusions by Paul Kieve
Set Designs by Paul Farnsworth
Costume Designs by Matthew Wright
Lighting by Jason Taylor
Music by Steven Edis
Sound by Gareth Owen
Choreography by Sam Spencer-Lane

Cast includes:

Michael Beckley
Gerard Carey
Natalie Casey
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Maria Friedman
Christopher Godwin
Teddy Kempner
John Gordon Sinclair
Jo Stone-Fewings
Gary Wilmot

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