Thursday, May 12, 2011

SATOSHI on Hong Kong Blogs Review

It came to my attention that my blog was reviewed by the Hong Kong Blogs Review website. Since the review was positive and my blog comes “highly recommended” matched with “two thumbs-up”, I would like to think that the website is reputable and credible!

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As much as I want to believe that I am a confident and self-assured individual and doesn’t need validation from other people, the reality is that I am more than glad to receive such an accolade. Blogging and especially writing reviews can be a very lonesome road and knowing that somebody out there is actually reading my writing AND giving feedback is a nice feeling. Like art, blogging is no blogging until it has an audience.

It was a rather odd feeling to be read a review of my blog which is primarily composed of reviews! So just to round up the cycle, here’s my review of the Hong Kong Blogs Review:

The Hong Kong Blogs Review website makes it a point to mention that it is an independent, non-profit and non-commercial website. This fact alone signals credibility; but in reality and in all honesty, credibility comes in other forms. With HKBR, I tend to concur with their opinion or at least find their suppositions or arguments convincing or compelling enough.

The HKBR is a distinctive and inimitable website not only because it reviews Hong Kong-related blogs, but also because it is a good resource for knowing more and the different facets of Hong Kong. The reviews show well-grounded and insightful opinions in relation to the actual blogs. The reviewers demonstrate great and profound understanding of the city, while shun with no holds barred on any blogger who would make remarks on the city flippantly.

Most importantly, HKBR is an engine for the betterment of blogging. It is easy to have an opinion of something and anything, but to have honest and objective opinions that actually facilitate positive actions from the community are not easy. THAT distinguishes HKBR from the rest.

I tried very hard to find something negative to say about HKBR just to prove I am not nose-browning… but at the end, I just felt silly.

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