Monday, July 11, 2011

REVIEW: Who Fights Fair? by Yang Shewei

Karin Weber Gallery, Saturday July 9

I finally found some time to drop by Karin Weber Gallery to catch Yang Shewei’s WHO FIGHTS FAIR? before it closes on July 12. Yang Shewei, a Chinese born in Hunan has exhibited worldwide. For WHO FIGHTS FAIR?, Yang tries to capture internal struggles of what is honorable and fair in a fast-changing environment wherein the name of the game is to survive.

The concept was best communicated by the Red Series in the exhibit. The series was composed of red inks (more like deep fuchsia) on rice paper showing men struggling, be it versus another man, a cat or an emotion. The men in this series looks like kids pretending to be adults (with their disproportionately large head) or adults with heads about to explode. Either way, when infused with the red ink seems to intensify the conflicting emotion brought by the color. The color was too pink to represent blood and violence; and too red to represent femininity and sweetness. The effect was at the same time disturbing and funny, violent and cute.

Red Series No. 10

Red Series No. 8

Red Series No. 7

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