Tuesday, January 17, 2012

REVIEW: Modern Masters - Ghost Opera by HK Int'l Chamber Music Festival

HKAPA Amphitheatre, Sunday January 15

When I told my friend, who went with me to the concert, that I enjoyed the performance, he mumbled, "... the emperor's new clothes..."

This concert can be quite divisive. It was one of those contemporary music that one tends to either love or hate. That's nothing new, good composer takes risks and sometimes the result can be a breakthough, a breakdown or just a break-even... and it doesn't stop there, the assessment continues and the fate of works change.

The highlight of this concert, as indicated by the title, was Ghost Opera; and it should be. I have a recording of this work by the Kronos Quartet and have seen a video of its performance, but last Sunday's performance was way better... perhaps because it was a live performance... but I believe it was because it has a better ensemble. The Knonos Quartet performance was very extroverted, there was a malevolent tinge to it, but for this HKICMF ensemble, it was spiritual... almost as if the concept of "ghost" was a reality rather than a proposition.

Read my complete review of MODERN MASTERS - GHOST OPERA in TIME-OUT HONG KONG.
Modern Masters - Ghost Opera
part of the 3rd Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival
presented by Premiere Performances of Hong Kong
January 15 2012, The Academy of Performing Arts Hong Kong Amphitheatre

BARTÓK: Duos for Two Violins (selection), Henning Kraggerud • Clara-Jumi Kang
CHEN YI: Fiddle Suite for Erhu & Quartet, Wong On-Yuen • Shanghai Quartet
BARTÓK: Quartet No. 3, Shanghai Quartet
TAN DUN: Ghost Opera, Cho-Liang Lin • Zhu Bei • Andrew Ling • Li Xiao-Lu • Zhang Ying

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