Tuesday, May 22, 2012

REVIEW: Snow and the Deadly Seven

Backstage Live, Thursday May 17

When I received the ad invitation a month ago, I mentioned in my Facebook page that it was "so off my radar" that I might just go and see it. Well, I did.

It was a burlesque-cabaret, which means that it was for adults only. The beauty of the show was that it wasn't just a series of striptease, there was a theme and story and a damn good one also. Needless to say, the character Snow White and her evil mother was in it, but instead of the seven dwarves, we got the Deadly Seven named after the seven deadly sins. There was also the hunter (female) and the prince (male); and to make sure the audience knows what was going on stage, there was a host and a hostess.

I am no expert in the art of striptease, I have never performed one in public (cough) and I think the last time I saw one of any semblance to a striptease was Laura Benanti's Gypsy Rose Lee in the musical Gypsy (with Patti Lupone as Rose) in the 2008 Broadway production. As for the Snow and the Deadly Seven, the script written by Meaghan McGurgan and choreography by Sarah Lemcke were more than ample for the type of show. The script actually justified the presence of some of the performers and there were some really good moments that were genuinely witty and funny. Another beautiful aspect of the show was that the performers came in all shapes and sizes. Why not? Sexiness is more than just having an hour glass figure or a pretty face. At least for me, talent, intelligence and good sense of humor definitely are way up my list.

In translating concept to performance however, there were some challenges. Be it solos or ensembles, the production looked and felt under- rehearsed. The performers' inability to dance together undermined the show, but the inability of some of the solos to striptease in rhythm with the music was the most disturbing part. Having said that, one of the Deadly Seven, Lust, was a pleasure to watch as she moved and danced with utter confidence and flair. One positive aspect about some of the performers were their courage and eagerness to please; and I definitely find that most endearing.

So, did I enjoy my experience? Absolutely yes. I admire the guts of these ladies and the show (at least for me) carried a positive message on self-image. I had a lot of good laughs, some scripted and some not. I particularly love the part when Snow got stuck in her clothes and needed somebody to rescue her from her clothes :-) Will I watch it again? No. Will I recommend it? I will be most cautious.

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