Thursday, April 18, 2013

REVIEW: Time is of the Essence (如懷念也是有他限期)

It has come to a point that my review of the shows I have seen are so way overdue that I have no way of fully recovering from it. So here it is, I will just do a quick and more mini than mini review…

HK Arts Centre McAulay Studio, Sunday March 24

This has to be my first Cantonese play and I was most worried that I will not be able to understand it. Luckily this play written and directed by黎安之@HOS Studio was not a brainteaser. Mind you, it doesn’t mean that the play was simple or predictable, it was just that the language used was conversational. At the heart of the play is the idea of trust, its interpretation from somebody who has truly loved somebody in contrast to somebody who has been betrayed by love. There were a lot of philosophical turn-away-and-look-far TVB mini-series style of writing and acting... and that was not meant to sound negative. In fact, I sincerely enjoyed it and would recommend it. The ensemble, composed of黄國輝 (Gordon Wong)、林啟源、馬欣澄、唐家明 and 蘇詠瑜, was balanced and all gave a heartfelt performance. It is most heartening to have this as my first Cantonese play.

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