Monday, August 5, 2013

REVIEW: Cold Ears Factory in BOING!!

Osage Kwun Tong, 27 – 28 July, 3 – 4 August, 10 – 11 August (5-10 pm)

BOING!! is a weekend pop-up night market in Osage Kwun Tong Gallery. It basically showcases 50 art students, young artists and art collectives. The theme was indeed "night market" and not only did the artists exhibit their works, they can also sell them. So far, I have been to two of three weekend night market already and I am most thrilled to report that there were some fabulous works on display.

One of the highlights for me was to find COLD EARS FACTORY (耳製涼房) there. I am a big fan of their works! Cold Ear is basically composed of two very talented artists: Eastman Cheng Shuk-Yee (鄭淑宜) and Joey Leung Ka-Yin (梁嘉賢). They both have exhibited on their own; but they also collaborate with each other and when they do, they use the name Cold Ear Factory. The name does stands out and when I asked about the origin of it, Eastman explained that it is a translation of the Chinese name 耳製涼房. 耳製 being basically what the name "Eastman" sounds like when Chinese people pronounce it, while 涼 sounds like the family name of Joey. 房 is then added in to connotate their working space. Such quirkiness is reflected in both of their works... cute but with a cold dark undertone.

Their exhibition is called "Hard and Soft Sculpture II - 0 - ∞". I believe that it is II, because this is their second collaboration (click here to see some of their previous works) on making Hard and Soft Sculpture (又硬又軟雕塑); while the "0 - ∞" is meant to read ZERO TO INFINITY because what the duo actually presented were unfinished works. The proposition was that they will present the buyer with choices of HARD items (ceramics pieces made by the duo, ready-made plastic figures and vessels made of various materials); and then the buyer will need to pick according to a given formula. Once the HARD choices are made, then Eastman and Joey will collaborate to come up with the SOFT part (textile and foam) to tie in all the different HARD elements together.

The Formula: (A + B + C + D) + Eastman and Joey = SURPRISE! 

Hard Items in A

Hard Items in B

Hard Items in C

Hard Items in D

At first, I was confused with the whole proposition. As much as I want to buy a work, I don't like to buy a surprise! To play safe, I bought one of the available samples.

Available sample of finished work

But GOSH! Am I boring or not? I totally missed the whole concept! It was only after a while that I slowly warmed up to the whole idea. And once I accepted the proposition, it was a lot of fun. I immediately challenged myself to choose the most peculiar combination I can think of and can't wait to see what the duo will come up with. While the final output is very important, the process is equally crucial and I enjoyed every single moment of it. It is the challenge proposed by the artists to challenge them that truly chanllenged me.

 My choices of HARD items
So what will my final Hard and Soft Sculpture looks like? I have no idea, but I will definitely report the result in this blog! So WATCH OUT!

To know more about the artists, please click below and check out their website:
Eastman Cheng Shuk-Yee (鄭淑宜)
Joey Leung Ka-Yin (梁嘉賢)

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