Tuesday, September 3, 2013

REVIEW: The Addams Family (Macau)

Macao Cultural Centre, Saturday August 31`

In my 2011 review of the Broadway production, I wrote, “The Addams Family should be the perfect material for a fun musical comedy. At best after seeing it, it is an agreeable casual Broadway entertainment with an unfocused book, interesting set design, talented cast and second-rate music.”

I first thought of not going all the way to Macau to see this version, but a couple of my friends went and said that it was very good... so being a fanatic that I am, I went. In this tour version in Macau, directed by Jerry Zaks (he was the "creative consultant" in the Broadway production) some songs where deleted; and new songs were added. The set and lighting design was also trimmed. The result was definitely a better and tighter show; although the scale made it really looks like a good regional theatre production, rather than a Broadway show. In short, if I see this in Broadway at Broadway prices, I will be disappointed. Overall, I believe I came out of this theatre feeling happier than when I was in Broadway.

The cast was good and fairly balanced with Jennifer Fogarty’s Wednesday providing some of the best moments. I also like Jeremy Todd Shinder’s Pugsley and Dan Olson’s Lurch.

Click here to see my review of the the Broadway production.


Creative Team:
ANDREW LIPPA (Music and Lyrics)
JERRY ZAKS (Director)
PHELIM McDERMOTT (Original Direction; Set and Costume Design)
JULIAN CROUCH (Original Direction; Set and Costume Design)
CAMERON HOLSINGER (Direction Recreation)
SERGIO TRUJILLO (Choreographer)
JONATHAN RITTER (Choreography Recreation)
NATASHA KATZ (Lighting Designer)
CRAIG CASSIDY (Sound Design)
BASIL TWIST (Puppetry)
TOM WATSON (Hair and Wig Design)
ANGELINA AVALLONE (Make-up Designer)
GREGORY MEEH (Special Effects Designer)
JASPER GRANT (Musical Direction)

JESSE SHARP (Gomez Addams)
KELEEN SNOWGREN (Morticia Addams)
JENNIFER FOGARTY (Wednesday Addams)
SHAUN RICE (Uncle Fester)
BLAIR ANDERSON (Alice Beineke)
BRYAN WELNICKI (Lucas Beineke)

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At September 3, 2013 at 3:06 PM , Blogger Allan Nazareno said...

I agree totally to your review. I was not able to see the production on Broadway but I thoroughly enjoyed the show last Saturday (saw the matinee). The cast was really engaging and Jennifer Fogartys' Wednesday was worth noting. Jesse Sharp and Keleen Snowgren as Gomez and Morticia were also strong performers plus the surprise of the performance was Dan Olson's Lurch's deep baritone at the end. Of course, the material is bubblegum but they were really able to tighten the storytelling enough to keep me interested. The MCC Grand Auditorium is a great venue to host these touring companies and I hope more shows get to visit Macau (since the Macau prices are more affordable than here in HKG!)

At September 4, 2013 at 4:34 PM , Blogger SATOSHI said...

Thank you for your comment. Macau has always been affordable and convenient; and I do hope that indeed that they host more of these touring group.


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