Wednesday, November 6, 2013

REVIEW: The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare’s Globe

Academy of Performing Arts Lyric Theatre, Wednesday September 25

This “lesbian version” (as one of my friend whispered to me when I entered the theatre) of the Taming was a surprising delight.

To be perfectly honest, I actually prefer my Shakespeare in the form of opera, musical or ballet. I tend to think that the faithful plays always seem too dated; and with English as my fourth language, I always feel that I am missing something. When I learnt that it will be all-female, I was a bit disappointed as I feel that it will be less fun to see ladies in trousers than blokes in skirts. That postulation, however, quickly dissipated as I watch the performance and in fact, I find the whole new proposition quite ingenious!

I do sincerely like this performance. In fact, this has to be the best performance of a Shakespearean play I have ever seen so far! Stage activities center around a simple tent and the enthusiastic actors took up several roles with tremendous skills. It "looked" simple, yet it was most effective. The production was spiced up with musical interludes that worked really well. I have seen performances in Shakespeare’s Globe in London, but none worked as well as this in a nicely air-conditioned theatre with cushy seats.

The Taming of the Shrew By William Shakespeare

Directed by Joe Murphy
Designed by Hannah Clark
Composed by Corin Buckeridge

Remy Beasley: Tranio
Becci Gemmell: Lucentio
Kathryn Hunt: Baptista Minola/Grumio
Kate Lamb: Katherina
Olivia Morgan: Bianca/Biondello
Joy Richardson: Gremio/Vincentio/Widow
Nicola Sangster: Hortensio
Leah Whitaker: Petruchio

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