Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nasty, Naughty and Nice by Pergy Acuna

Last year, I went to a 98B program called Future Market. 98B is a Philippine-based multi-disciplinary “COLLABoratory” and the Future Market is one of its key programs. Future Market is basically some kind of a fair where artists, artisans, designers and hoarders (archivist :-) sell their wares in hope to enable them to sustain their art practice. It is in this venue where I chanced upon the work of Pergylene Acuna, a soft-spoken young lady whose little works of paper cut-outs on paper were bursting with cheerful spontaneity.

GASTON with and without clothes

Pergy is first and foremost a craftsman who narrates a story and she is more well-known for her works for children books. Going through her body of works however, I was immediately attracted to her Muchacho (moustache + macho, and also in Spanish means a young man) soft sculptures. They stood out for their caricature quality on a slightly more adult theme… almost like Tom of Finland for the faint-hearted!

When asked about her fascination on moustache, she quipped, “When I think about moustache I always associate it with Salvador Dali’s crazy upper lip friend, and he is one of my favorite artists and we share the same birthdate! Also aesthetically I find facial hair - moustache and beard - charming and funny; they add personality into anyone and anything with a moustache on them.” With this, there was no question that it has to be a Muchacho when I decided to commission her for a work.

left arm
right arm
After a series of questions from her in relation to animal, zodiac sign, arts, artists, music and books, the waiting game began. Four months afterward, the result is Gaston and he is astounding. The peculiar thing about the work is that it feels like the sculpture is the “other” me, an alter ego created by somebody who intuitively understand what I am fond and fear of; but exposed in a whimsical non threatening way. Tattoos are a point in case. I can’t ever imagine myself having any tattoo, but I am absolutely fascinated with tattoos of other people just like I am fascinated with other visual art forms. Totally unexpected is the back tattoo showing a nerdy guy holding a cat… well, somebody has been rummaging through my Facebook albums! The narratives of the soft sculpture maybe a riddle to some, but it was very clear to me.

And oh, it is anatomically correct!

other accesories

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