Thursday, May 8, 2014

REVIEW: Ghost - The Musical (Manila)

Carlos P Romulo Auditorium, Sunday May 4

I saw the original production of Ghost in London (see my review here); and it was made okay by some stunning visual tricks to put forth the key element of the narrative - ghost. Unfortunately, that is one thing that was totally lacking in the Manila production. It tried, but failed miserably to the point of distraction, one can hear the audience giggling.

Except for the Christian Bautista (as Sam), who was particularly bad, the cast was not particularly good. Cris Villonco (as Molly) was tired and had difficulty sustaining high notes. Hans Eckstein and Ima Castro as Carl Bruner and Oda Mae Brown fared a bit better. Christian Baustista was as wooden as when I saw him years ago as Tony in West Side Story, while he sounded pinched vocally.

It is very brave of Atlantis Productions to bring GHOST to Manila; and that is most commendable. However, I do wish that the choices are better. I used to travel to Manila for their productions. Some of the more memorable ones are: Next To Normal, Rock of Ages and In the Heights. But the recent Carrie and now Ghost do make me wonder whether I should continue to do so... maybe it is losing its magic.



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