Wednesday, June 18, 2014

POSTVIEW: Michiko Motoyama 元山道子

I came across these works by MICHIKO MOTOYAMA (元山道子) accidentally; and needless to say, I am most captivated by them. Presented here are two sets of works with the same theme. The first set was created in 1969 and the second set was created three years later, in 1972. The earlier set is definitely more abstract and edgy; however, the later set exudes sensuality.

The fascinating element about these two sets is how the paper is embossed. The earlier set has circles embossed and they were used to create voluptuous silhouettes. The focus is form. Meanwhile, in the later set, the hands are embossed; and the visual emphasis is feel. Assuming that the title is French and therefore means TORSO, these works explores the form and feel of the human body. Images of buttocks and breasts, body on top or beside another; and hands grabbing, caressing and traveling are the most likely conclusions based on the visual elements and the title.

There is not a lot of information about MICHIKO MOTOYAMA, and that is part of the reason why I am writing about her works. In the event of any people out there who knows more about this amazing artist, please do feel free to inform me. Here is some information I gathered: Motoyama was born 1934 in Tokyo. She graduated in 1956 from the Western-style painting division of teh Women's College of Fine Arts. She has exhibited moku-hanga (woodblock prints) from the 1960's. She is a member of Nihon Hanga Kyokai from 1972. She is best know for her hard-edge abstraction of anatomical forms.

TORSE 69-15, silk screen print on embossed paper (3/50), 63.5 x 49.8cm (1969)

TORSE 69-16, silk screen print on embossed paper (6/50), 63.5 x 49.8cm (1969)

TORSE 257, silk screen print on embossed paper (1/20), 64.5 x 49.8cm (1972)

TORSE 260, silk screen print on embossed paper (5/20), 63.5 x 50cm (1972)

TORSE 261, silk screen print on embossed paper (8/20), 63.5 x 50cm (1972)


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